‘You must have a great mother’

By Shane Richard Bell

Staff writer/Coeur d’Alene Press/Family Publication

“Happy,” a feature documentary exploring what makes people happy globally, cited deep relationships with family and friends as the No. 1 contributor to a person’s happiness.

The second contributor to one’s happiness is derived from giving, volunteering and charitable works, according to the documentary.

Interestingly both of these contributors significantly shape the North Idaho family.

Last September we introduced our first Family publication dedicated to defining what the North Idaho family is- its framework, design, and color- through your voices.

Our goal then and now is to unfurl what family means to you.

That’s what we want to know. That’s our utmost goal.

For this issue we’re hearing from local author, radio commentator and co-pastor Raydeane Owens on what her family authentically means to her through her poem titled, “This is Family.”

Well-known columnist and radio presence Kerri Thoreson hones in on the changing roles of grandparents to grandchildren through the generations in her article as a baby boomer, grandmother herself.

Freelancer and health and nutrition extraordinaire S. Michal Bennett writes on how healthier habits create healthier families, and she’s included a stellar recipe for smoothies

And lastly, NIC student Duncan Menzies shares a life-changing experience he had with a homeless woman under a bridge in Portland. He told The Press it was one of the most sincere moments he’s ever shared with someone, like a family member you’ve never met before but absolutely love. The woman with whom he shared this experience repeatedly told him “how great of a mother he must have had.”

And that is why we know family is important to you.


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