A Call to Love

Cd’A tribute will honor victims of Sandy Hook


Staff writer

Reannan Keene of Coeur d’Alene couldn’t sleep. Her mind was reeling in fear, replaying an event that seemed utterly inconceivable.

In the middle of this sleepless night, Reannan Keene experienced a transformation. The fear of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings melted away and was replaced by an unstoppable hope.

Moments later she was struck with how she and others could help.

“I was like I have to set it up right now,” Keene said.

And indeed she did. “A Call to Love:” Cd’A’s Humble Tribute to the Victims of Sandy Hook, will be held on Sunday, Dec. 30, at 6pm in the Lake City Community Church’s parking lot.

The event will honor the lives of the Sandy Hook victims with a “multi-faith” prayer, singing, speeches and a reading of the victims’ names during the candlelight vigil.

“Fear is outweighed by the human need of compassion and love and hope,” Keene said.

Keene has already invited more than 600 people on the social networking site Facebook and is making fliers to pass out to friends and strangers alike.

“I want this to be big,” Keene said. “It’s a remembrance. It’s a call to love. It’s a call to hope. It’s a call to be a better person.”

Hope fuels every facet of Keene’s cause.

“When your message is love and hope, people follow,” she said. “You can do something. You can make a change here. You can make a change in your family. You can make someone’s world 100 times better.”

Zach Davis, 21, of Coeur d’Alene, was invited to be one of the event’s main speakers. As a member of Heart of the City Church, Davis plans to give a speech on the power of light in times of tragedy. “Coeur d’Alene is a special place. It’s different than the rest of the world,” said Davis. “I feel there is a hope here, and if we can bring hope to the city and unite people, we can be that city shining on the hill.”

Both Keene and Davis believe the event is meant to happen.

“As shocking as it is, it’s something that merits the greatest amount of notice,” Keene said.

Parking is available across the street from Lake City Community Church at Lake City High School. Attendants are also encouraged to bring their own candles to light during the remembrance ceremony.

Call Reannan Keene at (208)-704-9834 with any questions.




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