Grateful for life


These letters by children in our community touched me. They are simple yet utterly profound.


For them, this is the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of gratitude.


For me, it’s a reminder to live life more gratefully every single day.


Last Friday, I stood right in the middle of so much gratitude at the 3rd Annual Fundraiser and Campout for the Homeless at St. Pius Church.


Community members brought in bundles of donated blankets, coats, and clothes, covering every available table with provisions. Men and women without a home found what they needed to keep them clothed and warm this winter. The Union Gospel Mission warmly accepted the rest of the donations, thanking every volunteer for his or her contribution.


There was laughter, music, mingling, and conversation. It was a night of beautiful moments, of people coming together to fulfill each other’s needs.


To the people in the hallways of St. Pius Church, just like these children and their thanksgivings, gratitude is an action.

-Shane Richard Bell


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