Abiding by the Queen Bee


We’re moving faster than you could ever fathom.

Our planet, swirling in a thick palette of blue, green, and gray, is traveling more than 1.6 million miles per day, according to scientific research. Our very center is our queen bee, bright, hot, and middle-aged. She’s a brilliant entity, the character of many stories, myths, and religions. She’s absolutely wonderful at a distance but absolutely deadly in close proximity.

She beholds the most sacred ingredient of every life: light.

Her name is sun, and we move around her, abiding in her governance over the planetary precincts. As we travel through her sprawling kingdom, our planet’s Northern Hemisphere receives less light because of the Earth’s axis of 23.5 degrees and its rotating position on the ecliptic plane. Less light means later sunrises, earlier sunsets, weaker sunrays, and colder temperatures. It’s winter, our queen bee’s way of keeping us obedient.

It’s a commandment that has defined our human history, both modern and ancient, and continuously dictates our time and space. Sometimes our passage through the seasons is bewildering, leaving us feeling leery and abandoned from the warmth and comfort of the sun.

To curb the status quo of winter, we’ve created a completely original 2012 Tour Guide with “25 ways to love North Idaho’s winter, even if you dislike it.”

These tips are guaranteed, if acted upon, to elevate your winter experience. One tip suggests attending a book signing, a lecture, or a poetry reading. Buy tickets for a comedy show. Try cross-country skiing or ice-skating. For skiing and snowboarding, we’ve got you covered with a guide to North Idaho’s best resorts: Lookout, Silver, and Schweitzer.

Defy your own expectations this winter, reach out of the status quo of winters past, and make this one your best.

–Shane Richard Bell


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