About the author

I am Shane Richard Bell.

I am a staff writer and photographer for the Cd’A Press.

I am a community journalist with dreams of reaching the world one person at a time.

My blog,, is based on this belief. My writings are meant to unearth, enlighten, and inspire. They’re alive, written with all of the love and passion I can offer the world.

My hope is that you read these multidimensional articles, from sports to industry to fashion and family, and find something of great meaning to you.


4 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hey Shane…glad you responded. Read your postings, and feel your passion for all people. Good for you. I think you’ve found your “voice” and that is important. In your first article you referred to Washington Cougers, which I assume you meant WSU…that’s why writers need editors! Your second posting about mental health is focused and on point. Here’s the problem with all social programs…money. Mental health is nothing to mess with so forget privitizing it. That leaves government at all levels…Fed, State, Local to figure out what to cut in order to be able to fund needed programs, e.g., mental health care. Obama Care won’t exist in a couple of years, so something else has to go. I can better explain this in an email rather than here if you are interested. I’m glad we connected and I will try to be “fair and balanced” in my thoughts as you move forward in this highly technical and fast moving world. Please refer to me as Dick, and think of me as a friend, not an adversary. All of my thoughts are based on facts, not wishes. “If wishes were horses, beggers would ride.”

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